CULTURAL DIPLOMACY is key to Thresh’s mission through education. Thresh creates ground-breaking educational initiatives alongside the company’s theatrical work to promote:

  • Empathy

  • Cross –Cultural understanding and exchange

  • Individual and collective identity and self expression

  • Creative risk


Development of new movement/storytelling vocabulary through collaboration

Each educational project is created alongside Thresh’s theatrical productions creating a unique signature and approach to help understand the process of creative making and the inclusion of the larger community into a dynamic dialogue with artists. The focus of each project is to begin locally and expand globally keeping in line with Thresh’s international collaborative approach. Preeti’s own specialization in Indian dance-theater arts is to promote an understanding of contemporary and classical India and the development of new movement through the manipulation of traditional vocabulary in dialogue with contemporary living.

MAPPING MEMORIES is a project on individual memories and identity. Built around the acclaimed production, Stories By Hand, this project focuses on community building and working through experiences of dislocation, marginalization and isolation. By exploring our deepest memories through specific methods of storytelling, Mapping Memories allows the participant to access deep areas within oneself and his/her environment. 

CREATIVE RISK: Through Thresh’s partnership with Yo-Yo Ma’s Silkroad, Preeti Vasudevan has been a key artist leading projects for refugee youth in Beirut, Labanon and Native American youth in Lame Deer, Montana. In each place, Preeti has helped developed unique ways of cultural exchange and exploring one’s own heritage to bring it to a 21st century context. 

TECHNOLOGY AND EDUCATION: Dancing for the Gods is a ground-breaking interactive educational website on Bharatanatyam (classical dance of Southern India), in partnership with the Department of Education, NYC. It has been created for classrooms making heritage cultural arts a fun way to explore and learn for younger audiences.

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