Story Library

Stories of Friendship


Imbo & Eli

A Panchatantra tale, over 2000 years old, about the unlikely friendship between an Elephant and a mouse.

Stories of Hope

Diwali 2020_Harsha Biswajit.jpg

Lights for Gita

A story illuminating the spirit of Diwali as recently immigrated Gita learns to share her holiday in her new home.

Stories of Humility

The Golden Mango

A Hindu tale displaying the great wisdom of the young Ganesha, as he competes with his brother Murugan in the race around the universe!

Munna & the Maharaja

Munna believes an old man in dusty clothes at his uncle's tea shop is the Maharaja. But his uncle doesn't—and laughs at him.

Stories Explaining Nature

The Story of Ganga

A story of how the Hindu sage Bhagiratha brought Ganga from the Heavens to cleanse his ancestors' sins with her pure waters.

The Story of Kaveri

The story of "South India's Ganga," one of a crow toppling the religious pot of a meditating holy man to give birth to a magnificent river.

The Story of Narmada

According to legend, Narmada was created by the sweat of Hindu Lord Shiva's deep meditation to end a long drought and famine.

Stories of Compassion

The Hare in the Moon


 A noble hare impresses Indra, King of Gods, with his selflessness. His reward is visible to all the people of the Earth.


A charming story set during the Muslim festival of Eid, showing the empathy of an orphan, Hamid, towards his grandmother.

Stories of Courage

"I Will Save My Land!"

Young Mati's quest to have her own land, despite the conflictual rules in land ownership.

The Tree Hugger

A true story about a young woman Amrita and her daughters who sacrificed their lives to protect the trees in their village.

The Why-Why Girl

The story of a young tribal girl, Moyna, who is curious about everything and will never stop asking the question 'WHY?'

Stories about Animals

The Clever Antelope


 A lovely story about how a quick-witted antelope outsmarts a foolish hunter who chases him into the forest.

Three Friends

An antelope is captured by a determined hunter. But the hunter did not bargain for the quick wits of his animal friends.