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The mission of The Red Curtain Project is to inspire kids and young adults to unleash their own incredible storytelling superpowers, from reinterpreting stories through sound and music to illustrating them.

Brooklyn High School of the Arts

We conducted a series of storytelling workshops with junior and senior high school students in The Select Choir at Brooklyn High School of the Arts. Students reinterpreted RCP's stories, composing unique lyrics and musical scores using Soundtrap software. 

South Asian Youth Action (SAYA)

Learn more about our workshop with partner organization South Asian Youth Action. Fatima and Amneek from SAYA's Young Women’s Leadership cohort at MS 172 reflected on meeting Preeti Vasudevan and learning about RCP!


The RCP Drawing Club

See how our community of kids around the country have been inspired to respond, create, and share.  Join the club and send us your work!

"[The] stories presented are entertainingly told and intelligently communicate each story's essential message . . . [they] inevitably place these . . . stories in a universal context."

— Critical Dance