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Meet Seema Shakti!

"When creating the artwork for Mei-Mei’s Lucky Birthday Noodles, I wanted to uplift the magic of Mei-Mei’s birthday celebration. According to the story, it is tradition to eat noodles when celebrating a birthday in Chinese culture. The long noodles symbolize a long and happy life and are eaten for good luck. Considering this, I added some mystical elements to the illustration. The wok is like a cauldron, inviting a bit of mysticism into Mei-Mei’s birthday tradition of making noodles.


I depicted her rising above the wok as she tosses ingredients into the mix. The third eye is a signature part of my body of work and it represents my connection to the wisdom of my ancestors and the cosmos. As Mei-Mei partakes in her birthday ritual of preparing lucky noodles, her third eye lights up in gold. It signifies the powerful connection that she has with her Chinese heritage and ancestral roots through food." — Seema Shakti


Behind the Scenes

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