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I Will Save My Land!


Mati is a young girl who wants her very own land. I Will Save My Land! reveals the battle between land ownership, women's inheritance and the greed of larger corporations to exploit their lands for mining.


This performance is based on the book I Will Save My Land! by Rinchin, illustrated by Sagar Kolwankar, and published by Tulika. It has been adapted with original music and illustration for The Red Curtain Project.


Thresh and the Red Curtain Project is proud to partner with Tulika, an independent, multilingual publisher of children's books that pioneered a fresh wave in Indian publishing when it was founded in 1996 (winner of the 2019 London Book Fair Award for Excellence in Literary Translation Initiative). 

Why is this story important?

RCP's Artistic Director, Preeti Vasudevan, explains the importance of I Will Save My Land!:

The Storyteller's Toolkit

The techniques an Indian classical dancer uses to create an emotional mood are grouped under the term "saatvika abhinaya" (SAAT-vika ab-in-EYE-a). In particular, the face is a key tool for communicating emotion—Indian dancers train for years to perfect these expressions!

Watch how Preeti manipulates different aspects of facial expression (eyes, lips, eyebrows) to create the emotional effect.

(Note: These videos do not have voiceover/subtitles.)

Storyteller's toolkit (IWSML)

Every culture uses its hand gestures for expression: in bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance) these gestures are classified in minute detail. Each gesture has specific meanings and applications. Each video includes the name of different facial expressions, or "saatvika abhinaya," and hand gestures, or "mudras" in Sanskrit (the classical language of India) along with examples and applications.

Commentary & Analysis

In the video below, Preeti explains how she uses the classical gestural vocabulary of Indian dance to tell the story:


The Red Curtain Drawing Challenge

We challenge you to create a drawing inspired by Mati! She was excited to grow many things in the field that her grandmother gifted her. What would you grow if you had your own field? Draw what your land would look like! 

Send us your drawings at and you'll see them here on the site.

Activities (IWSML)

Land Rights in India

Learn about the issues affecting local villages and farmers like Mati and her grandmother. Many villagers in India find themselves uprooted from their lands, losing their joy of life and livelihoods through farming.