We asked Shreya to make some videos describing her process for making each of the wonderful illustrations for the "Girls' Empowerment" series. In reverse order, we start with the third story in the series: "The Tree-Hugger".

And here Shreya talks through the creation of her beautiful illustration for the second story: "I will Save My Land!"

Here is Shreya describing her process for the illustration for the first story in this series, "The Why-Why Girl."

Shreya writes: "Within the human subconscious mind lies a world of experiences; a wealth of memories and connections that are built layer upon layer. It is my personal journey to rediscover the spiritual dialogue between the mind, body, soul and actions. I render these ideas that have been ignited by my curiosity and inspirational quotations, into visual images. These images are woven and encapsulated with the essences of line and of beauty."

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